Benefits Of Dragonflies

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Benefits of Dragonflies

Dragonflies are large-bodied insects that have flat wings when perched. Young dragonflies grow in water and move through jet propulsion. They feed on mosquito larvae and other small insects found in the water. Dragonflies are adapted to catch other flying bugs as they have a web-like arrangement of legs.

1. Eat mosquitos and spiders
Adult dragonflies kill flying bugs, particularly mosquitos and midges. Also, they eat moths, smaller dragonflies and butterflies. Some species also feed on spiders but most of them eat small insects- including aquatic larvae, bloodworms or small fish. Dragonflies therefore help to kill mosquitos that cause malaria.

2. Controls insect predators
There exists a fine balance between pests and insects. Dragonflies help to control pest infestation. In other words, gardeners no longer have to use harsh insecticides to control pest infestation.

3. Provide great visual appeal
Besides providing mosquito control, their metallic colors and unique appearance offer visual appeal. They beautify streams, ponds and other water bodies. Moreover, they consume flies and other insects thus help in pest control.

4. Ecological benefits
Dragonflies play an essential role in ecology as they indicate a fresh water body. For this reason, dragonflies form an essential part of the ecosystem, not to mention they don’t not sting or bite. Additionally, they are active and form an excellent visitor attraction.

5. Augmentation
This involves the release of predators to a new environment with the hopes of restoring ecological balance. The introduction of dragonflies to mosquito-infested areas can help prevent pest infestation. On the other hand, scientists can also release certain enemies so as to control an exotic pest.
Through biological pest control, invasive species often face extinction. In most cases, introducing exotic or native species to control pest infestation may harm native species. While this form of control helps to maintain ecological balance, it also has its share of downsides as well.

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