Benefits Of Egoism

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Benefits of Egoism

Ethical egoism simply refers to a prescriptive or normative view. It describes how we should behave, not how we behave. Although this distinction may sound subjective, it makes sense when you look at it at a philosophical point of view. Normative philosophy suggests the right behavior that should be followed in any situation. Listed below are the benefits of prescriptive view or egoism.

1. Justification
When it come to society and expected behaviorism, philosophers agree that egoism directly impacts our actions. Nonetheless, moral philosophy should be based on how we should act, not how we behave. In other words, egoism and moral philosophy dictate the expected behavior, not merely our set of actions.

2. Fosters self-awareness
As human beings we are familiar with our own needs and wants. Additionally, we know how to purse those needs and wants effectively. On the other hand, each of us strives to understand the needs and desires of others imperfectly. Through ethical egoism, it is possible to actively pursue the needs of others.

3. Egoism and altruism
Ethical egoism acknowledges the expected behavior in the society and in the event that a person acts altruistically, such actions are condemned. The philosophy is centered on the belief that superior pleasure and gains occur to those who strive to attain their own personal gain. For example, stealing to help those in need is acceptable because the act is considered instrumentally virtuous.

4. It’s a necessary evil
Although egoism tends to differ from expected moral theories, it is a necessary evil that allows us to grow as human beings. Selfishness is the root to our existence. Before you understand the needs of others, you have to place your needs at the forefront.
Altruist philosophers believe that ethical egoism is the root cause of greed as it demonstrates lack of spirituality. Additionally, it lacks a moral basis with respect to conflict resolution.

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