Benefits of Bone Marrow

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Benefits of Bone Marrow

Bone marrow refers to the flexible bone tissue found inside the body. In humans, the bone marrow helps to produce blood cells. Generally, bone marrow makes up almost 5% of the whole body mass. Bone marrow exists in two types and both types have countless capillaries and blood vessels. Here are a few benefits of bone marrow.

1. Lymphatic role
The bone marrow offers immense benefits in the lymphatic system where it acts like a major element. In fact, it is a major lymphoid organ that generates lymphocytes from progenitor cells. Both thymus and bone marrow make up the main lymphoid tissues that are involved in early selection and production of lymphocytes. Moreover, bone marrow acts like a valve so as to guard against lymphatic fluid from flowing back.

2. Healthy food
In certain parts of the world, bone marrow is considered like a delicacy. For instance, beef soup in Germany is served together with bone marrow. In Vietnam, the bone marrow acts like the base of the soup for the main staple dish. A popular soup in Philippines is primarily made using marrow bones and beef, and then seasoned with boiled meat and vegetables. It is very popular amongst food enthusiasts due to its health benefits.

3. Production of artificial skin
A new research claims that bone marrow cells may be used for producing artificial skin. These findings mark a great advancement in the field of wound healing. It might even be used for pioneering a technique of reconstructing organs. During the research, biomedical theory and engineering technology were used for making artificial skin using bone marrow cells and natural materials. This could help burn victims heal faster and prevent day caused by losing plasma and infections.

As mentioned above, the bone marrow has lots of benefits and you should seek help if you have any ailment linked to your bone marrow.

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