Benefits Of Factory Farming

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Benefits of Factory Farming

Factory farming or industrial agriculture involves the exploitation of animals so as to ensure profits, particularly in the dairy and meat industries. As such, engaging in this kind of farming not only offers high profits, but it also guarantees more productivity. More factory farming benefits are discussed below.

1. Low cost food production
Because of the use of technology in factory farming and also the application of chemical products, food is produced at lower costs as compared to smaller farms. A cheaper production benefits both producers and consumers. For producers, this will mean better profits. Consumers can also delight in lower priced products.

2. Provides employment
The setting up of a factory farm requires lots of labor. This means that people will be required for carrying out the numerous daily tasks in the farm. Local people can benefit from such a farm as they will get employed. Furthermore, the salary that they receive from the factory farm can be used for enhancing their economy.

3. Increases production efficiency
The capability of efficiently providing large amounts of food is vital in huge cities. This high efficiency will benefit the people in those particular cities through ensuring that they always have food. Preventing food shortage is thus a major factory farming benefit. The produced food products can be quickly distributed to the consumers, thus supporting better overall health.

4. Boost local communities
Those supporting industrial farming point out the fact that it invests greatly in the local communities where they operate. Factory farming has promoted the development of vital amenities like good roads and hospitals among others. That is why most developed nations attribute their development to factory farming and other industrial farming practices.

However, factory farming generally produce huge amounts of waste, which results in pollution. The waste leaks into local water supplies and puts the whole community at risk.

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