Medically Proven Health Benefits of Dosa

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Dosa is symbolic to a traditional South Indian breakfast. It is a popular entry in any South Indian speciality restaurant. It tastes like crunchy wraps with fillings inside. Dosa is always served with hot sambar (seed curry) and chutney (sweet n sour soup). Very few people know that this food is good got health apart from being just a tasty snack around. Dosa is a clinically proven probiotic food with a lot of health benefits.

Here are some benefits of Dosa as explained by nutrition experts.

  • Although Dosa is ideal for breakfast, but you can eat it anytime you like. Dosa features less count of calorie and less amount of insoluble fat that makes it an essential food for those who like to eat more but afraid of extra calories.

  • This dish is rich in carbohydrate. It contains healthy carbs that is good for health. People with carb based diet plans may include Dosa in their daily meal for an effective weight loss result.

  • Dosa has a moderate level of essential proteins. This gives your body the essential nourishment it requires in daily basis. Protein intake in form of Dosa keeps you full for a longer time and you will less likely to feel hungry right after an hour or so.

  • It has a considerable amount of essential vitamins and minerals. Although, it is not a rich source of these two healthy component. However an 86gm of serving contains 15% of daily recommended iron and 4% of recommended daily dose of vitamin C and calcium.

  • In order to avoid cardio vascular diseases, one must consume 16g or less saturated fat on a daily basis. Dosa contains only 6g fat from this only 2g fat is saturated.

  • Less sugar content in Dosa helps you fight pre-diabetic and post-diabetic conditions. Dosa helps you control your daily sugar levels to a great extent. Dosa can easily be used as an essential component in diabetes management.

  • Dosa offers prolonged physical endurance. It makes it a great food for weak and diseased patients. A daily diet with Dosa makes you strong and helps in fighting weekness. Dosa is also great for summer time when your body needs energy.

  • Dosa helps in improving cholesterol levels. People with high cholesterol problems should try including Dosa in their daily diet as it helps in controlling cholesterol levels due to its low cholesterol properties.

Dosa is a type of traditional fermented food with lots of health benefits. It can be used as a healthy dietary supplement without disappointing your taste buds. Dosa is tasty, it is crispy and a refreshing change in your breakfast, lunch or dinner. People who avoid having too much non-veg foods without compromising their daily protein intake, Dosa is the ideal choice. It nourishes your body with essential protein, vitamin and minerals. Dosa also gives you an enriched supply of probiotics essential for healthy living. Probiotics and friendly live bacteria that helps you digest food and fight many diseases. Deficiency of probiotics in human body accelerate the risks of diarrhoea, infections and common fevers.

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