10 benefits of Ductile Iron – the strongest Iron

10 benefits of Ductile Iron- the strongest Iron

Only a specialist in metallurgy field knows the benefits of this strongest form of iron which is widely available in the market. The metal has many names including “ductile cast iron and spherulitic graphite cast iron etc. to name a few. Iron furniture including the cupboards, sofa sets and beds, are made using this strongest form of iron. Early history of ductile iron dates back to the year 1943 when “Keith Dwight Millis’ invented it. This iron has combined properties of grey iron and malleable iron which makes it one of the strongest forms of iron in the world.

Some benefits of Ductile Iron are:

Ductile iron is made using a combination of many strong metals like Carbon, Silicon, Magnesium, Phosphorous, Sulphur, Iron and Copper etc. All these metals are added in perfect ratios to make it turn into a strong metal that can last long. The metal has some essential components of all the metals making it even stronger.

Ductile iron is a part of our daily life in various forms. As mentioned, earlier this cast iron is used in making furniture and other articles but not many people know that this is the same iron that is used in our drain pipes and is the main component also used in the production of automotive parts.

According to experts this form of metal is best suited for all purposes as it is not only strong but also reduces manufacturing cost. This metal does not need fillers and risers like other metals do. Therefore, when it is converted into liquid, it does not shrink like most other metals. Eventually, it reduces the cost.

Ductile iron is not the only type, but it has a huge family that comprises many other materials which are micro structured to attain the strength. A mix of different materials can give us different forms of ductile iron and some famous ones that are used by experts are Ferritic Ductile Iron, Ferritic Pearlitic Ductile Iron, Martensitic Ductile Iron and Bainitic Ductile Iron. All these iron forms have their own importance and characteristics.

Iron when combined with some metals turns into a form of substance that is weather proof. These iron is then used to make sculptures, and it is also casted into different other important things like gates and windows. This metal does not catch rust easily which further compliments its long life, despite the major changes in weather.

Human beings have casted this strongest metal into various forms to make our lives easy and better. It does not matter, how this metal has made our lives better. This strongest metal has been a part of our lives for around 5000 years, and it is still with us in every walk of living and development. Industries have been using this material successfully for a long time now. This invention of ductile iron is now known as one of the greatest inventions in the history. Today, this iron can be seen anywhere and everywhere in our day to day lives.

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