Health Benefits of vibration therapy

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Vibration therapy is initially mentioned from Ancient Greece records. It was at first used as a method of enhancing the body’s performance in certain areas. They Greeks were very particular with physical performance and they did a remarkable amount of medical research to attain maximum performance from the body. They discovered vibration enhanced the performance of body muscles. Bone destiny as well as muscle strength are enabled by the friction instigated by the exercise. It is well known that normal work outs and exercises keep your bones healthy and strong. This is very important the older you get.

Benefit one for vibration therapy is reduction of blood pressure. This therapy works by applying vibration to part or the whole body. In order to reduce blood pressure, you need to do whole body vibration therapy. The vibration increases and promotes the circulation of all body fluids including blood and this reduces your blood pressure.

Benefit two that is related to the blood pressure is with vibration therapy the flow of your blood is normal and it doubles. There is no force of blood aggressive flowing against the walls of your arteries because the therapy widens the diameter of the blood vessels and capillaries. At the same time, as the therapy helps with fluid flow, it helps reduce fat deposits and your blood vessels become stronger.

Benefit three of vibration therapy is increase in fat-burning as well as metabolism. Studies have shown that the intensity of the therapy also dictates the results. It determines if the muscle cells will favor burning stored body fat or pull it from the blood as well as muscle. So it is advisable to use a slower speed so that the muscles have the time to convert the fat into operational energy. When the body is given a chance to turn fat into energy, then your blood sugar levels are stable and this will naturally regulate your appetite. Vibration therapy also increases your metabolism and this ensures you burn more calories even while resting.

Benefit four is that it increases cardio stimulation. Vibration therapy is being used in some studies for different indications in sports medicine as well rehabilitation. Some of the systems used to pace the heart include a vibrational transducer. This system is used to direct energy to your heart and promotes synchronized contraction of the vessels.

Benefit five; you will get increases flexibility. The particular increase in the muscle fibre conscription stimulates blood flow and this in turn will affect your flexibility. As the stretch reflexes in the muscle fibre so as to adapt to the moving surface, your joint flexibility will increase. The amazing fact is that there are about 50-6o muscle contractions by the second and you do not have to move. This mainly assists with conditions such as muscle strains, arthritis, post-operation rehabilitation and over-use muscle injuries for athletes.

Given there are many written facts and studies about the whole body vibration therapy; you should not do this unguided by a professional.

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