Health Benefits Of Cuddling

Health Benefits of Cuddling

Cuddling or hugging, a kind of physical relationship, involves holding or closing your arms around the back, waist, or neck of another individual. The positive benefits of affection and cuddling are not unexpected and it continues to be utilized by many people. The following article discusses the health benefits of cuddling.

1. Reduces stress
Cuddling is vital for alleviating stress as it promotes oxytocin release in the body. When you are under stress and tension, your oxytocin levels are normally very low. This may even translate to the development of stress linked problems s nausea and migraines. The simple act of cuddling or human touch lowers stress through inducing oxytocin release. Physical affection like cuddling also helps various body systems and increases wound healing.

2. Lowers blood pressure
When people are in a strong relationship that is very supportive and involves lots of cuddling between the partners, it might be beneficial through lowering blood pressure. Cuddling regularly will also prevent heart disease development. Actually, a study found that during speech making, those individuals who had not gotten cuddles and hugs had higher blood pressure and heart rates than those couples who had embraced and cuddled for 15 seconds.

3. Better relationships
Oxytocin, which is released through cuddling, offers more benefits other than lowering stress. It increases tolerance for other people, improves mood and also improves relationships. In addition, cuddling has also been associated with how much couples trust each other. It is also a great method of showing your partner that you care since it is romantic and comforting. Actually, many women prefer cuddling to sexual intercourse as it is essentially caressing and touching without involving any sexual organs.
Cuddling reduces stress and clears the mind, bringing a general sense of happiness. It should thus be performed by every person in the world.

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