Benefits Of Wii Sports

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Benefits of Wii Sports

Wii game consoles have become increasingly popular and more than 20 million consoles have been sold since its release. This interactive gameplay is enjoyed by an array of audiences as compared to other types of video games. According to recent studies published by the Medical Association, playing Wii has a number of health benefits as it involves the use of energy, as well as concentration. Although they are not a substitute for sports, they do provide a number of benefits as mentioned below.

1. Cardiovascular benefits
Health experts recommend the Wii as it is believed to help enhance cardiovascular fitness. A fitness company did extensive research on Wii console with respect to cardiovascular fitness came to the conclusion that the game indeed increases heart rate. However, increased heart rate is profound for those who live sedentary lifestyles. For this reason, playing Wii regularly can elevate heart rate enough to prevent the onset of stroke and heart attack.

2. Aids in weight loss
A team of sport science professors and researchers found that Wii gaming sessions followed by 10 minutes of rest can burn approximately 50 calories per hour. Over the long haul, this can lead to healthy weight loss. However, it is still advisable to incorporate intensive exercises into your workout regimen if you want to loose weight quicker.

3. Behavior
While the Wii console is not a substitute to sports or physical exercise, research shows the game stimulates positive behavior as it encourages movement. Moreover, the game fosters behavioral changes. According to recent studies, the Wii console has an array of short –term benefits but should not be a substitute to physical exercise. In other words, you have to perform other exercises for overall health and general wellness.
The Wii console video game is interactive and is likely to cause addiction, as well as procrastination.

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