Benefits Of Administrative Law

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Benefits of Administrative Law

Administrative law refers to the area of law responsible for overseeing the various branches of government in charge of administration. Government agencies that work in administrative capacities normally work like public law branches and deal mainly with the decision making branches of government. To discover the advantages of administrative law, continue reading this article.

1. Dispute resolution
The administrative practices in administrative law usually offer benefits that may not be located in the standard judicial process. Administrative law has greatly expanded because legislative bodies have created more regulating agencies. A great example is that administrative law allows parties to easily resolve their disputes. These disputes are resolved in a more reasonable and convenient manner as compared to trial courts. It also promotes uniform justice application as it applies to public agencies and public officials.

2. Lower costs
Because administrative law encourages quick resolution of conflicts than in the standard courts and judicial system, the costs of running it is comparatively lower. Judges in administrative law preside over conflicts or disputes between various parties, similar to the way judges preside over standard court cases. The cases are usually very quickly dealt with, which saves vital government resources.

3. Benefit litigants
In general, tribunal proceedings in administrative law function to the benefit of litigants. This is credited to the speedy justice delivery as well as the cost efficiency. Furthermore, with the use of administrative law and tribunals, the standard judicial courts no longer require dealing with the administrative matters. The courts are therefore released from the time consuming case hearing linked to certain administrative issues. Actually, an administrative court is better served to evaluate and weigh evidence in the arising administrative issues.
The demerit of administrative law is lack of sufficient publicity as hearings may be carried out in private, with no explanations being provided for decisions made.

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