Benefits Of Surya Namaskar

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Benefits Of Surya Namaskar

The significance of yoga and Pranayam in maintaining the health of humans has been known since the traditional past. Surya Namaskar is an important part of yoga and should be done in the morning. Surya Namaskar is one of the best exercises that help in keeping the body and mind healthy. Although a part of yoga there is nothing that is usually done in yoga. Instead it consists of a set of exercises having several different moves. Performing Surya Namaskar for some days helps a person become the master of this act. The exercise doesn’t cause any injury or strain on the body. When performed during morning hours, it makes the person feel relaxed and revitalized for a long day ahead. Apart from this, there are many other benefits of Surya Namaskar. Some of these benefits include:

1. Beneficial for the digestive system.
Regular practice of Surya Namaskar is extremely beneficial in maintaining a healthy digestive system. The various postures associated with Surya Namaskar stretch the abdominal muscles and improve the overall digestive process.

2. Helps in treating sleep related disorders.
Surya Namaskar helps in relaxation of the mind and helps people cope up with insomnia and other sleep related disorders. It and helps a person have sound sleep.

3. Benefits to the women.
It helps in regulating irregular menstrual cycles in women. Regular practice reduces the fear of pregnancy and ensures easy childbirth.

4. Health y cardiovascular system.
Postures in Surya Namaskar promote oxygenation of blood. It also helps the body to get rid of various toxic substances produced inside as a result of the metabolic processes. Thus it helps to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system.

5. Aids in fat loss.
Surya Namaskar helps the body to reduce fat, keep the body in shape and stay healthy.

6. Helps in feeling good.
Increased production of serotonin helps a person feel good about him and the whole world. Regular practice of Surya Namaskar makes a person feel good and happy.

7. Aids in treating psychological problems.
It makes the person capable of combating anxiety, stress, and depression.

8. Improves concentration.
The exercise improves the ability to focus and concentrate.

9. Improves flexibility
This exercise is extremely effective in improving the flexibility of the limbs, spine and the entire body.

The exercise doesn’t cause any injury to the body and provides relief from stiffness. It not only maintains the physical fitness of a person’s body but is also perfect refreshment for the mind.

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