Benefits Of EU Membership

Benefits Of EU Membership

Twenty seven member states of Europe together constitute The European Union more popularly known as EU. This economic and political union of member states principally located in the continent of Europe was formulated after the end of Second World War. This international organization intended to cut trade barriers; increase regional integration and cooperation between its member states. Apart from this European Union membership brings numerous benefits for the member states. Some of these benefits include:

1. Economic benefits to member states:
Â’· The member states can move goods and capital from one place to another without any restriction or barrier.
Â’· The residents of any European member state are free to offer their services to other member state. Members of the European Union are to follow unified economic laws.
Â’· Unproblematic movement of goods produced in one state to other member states.
Â’· The above economic benefits result in a competitive market and low product prices.
Â’· Trade among member states become easy as all European Union members are bound to use a single currency i.e. Euro.
Â’· European Union member states are automatically protected against hyperinflation and volatility in the monetary market.
Â’· Mode of agriculture for all member states is common i.e. few bigger farms in place of numerous small farms.
Â’· All farms of member states are provided with better equipment causing improved efficiency.
Â’· Specialization in agricultural techniques for all member states.
Â’· Enhanced economic growth of all member states.

2. Political benefits to member states
Â’· All member countries contribute to the development of United Europe.
Â’· The participating states have an improved democratic system.
Â’· All member states are safe.
Â’· States of the European Union have virtually no boundaries between them.
Â’· Movement within Europe can be carried out without visas.
Â’· Travelling and movement for people of member states is easy.
Â’· Freedom to work in any other member state of the Union.
Â’· This helps in tightening the cultural bonds of member states.

3. Social benefits to members
Â’· Member countries follow the standards prescribed by European Union for things like individual safety of citizens, their employment safety, health, education, information and better quality of life.

4. Benefits to the environment
Â’· Standard ecological norms are implemented strictly by all member states.
Â’· Improved environment quality for people of the member states.
Â’· Efficient and rational utilization of energy and materials.

Although being a part of European Union implies following strict rules and regulations imposed for member states, but it also brings with it numerous benefits for member states.

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