Benefits of St John’s Wort

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St John's Wort

As it is known scientifically Hypericum perforatum, Saint John’s Wort is also know by various other names such as Klamath Weed, Goatweed, Millepertuis, Amber touch-and-heal and also as Rosin rose. It is a perennial plant that is originally native to the Europe nations, but Saint John’s Wort is also found now in parts of Canada and US. Saint John’s Wort is an aggressive weed plantation that can be found growing on meadows, woods, hedges and roadsides. In general the plant reaches a height of 0.3-0.61 meters, with the exception of the Klamath Weed that grows on the Pacific coast of the US, where it reaches 1.5 meters. The Saint John’s Wort plant exhibits oval shaped leaves and golden-yellow flowers.

Some people say that the name of the plant is so because it blooms on St. John’s day (i.e. June 24th), while other says it was St. John’s favourite herb. The plant was once hung over doorways to ward-off evil spirits. Some sources even say that this herb is known as Saint John’s Wort as the plant contains a red pigment found in its flowers, which resembles the blood of the famous martyred saint.

However whatever be its name’s origin Saint John’s Wort is an extremely useful plant which has several benefits as it can be used for relieving many ailments.

Here are some of the notable known and unknown usages of this herb.

Used for treating muscular pain

Pills and other medicinal products made from Saint John’s Wort has long been used medically for treating sprains, muscular strains and contusions. This herb is an excellent remedy that helps in treating muscle cramps, muscle and ligament spasms and similar other maladies.

Treating swollen veins

The tiny yellow flowers of this plant is extremely rich in Hypericin and many other flavonoids. This is evident even under the naked eyes, as when one crushes a flower bud of this plant between the fingers, it releases a burgundy red juice – which is nothing other than the flavonoid Hypericin. All Saint John’s Wort, tincture and oils displays this beautiful red colour. Since flavonoids improves integrity of the venous-wall, this plant’s oil is used for the treatment of chronic puffed-up veins. Saint John’s Wort pills are also recommended for ingestion during inner bruising and inflammations and for the treatment of varicose veins.

Helps during pregnancy

Since long this plant’s oil has been used for rubbing onto the breasts and bellies of pregnant women as it helps to prevent post-pregnancy stretch marks. Topical application of Saint John’s Wort oil and tinctures are also used for treating aches and haemorrhoids that can occur during pregnancy.

Acts as an antidepressant

Studies have shown that the chemical Hyperforin and the flavonoids that are present inside the Saint John’s Wort flowers and buds, helps to relieve tension and anxiety. Researches have verified that when the bioflavonoid Hypericin interferes with the body’s production depression related chemical called MAO (monoamine oxidase), as it helps in regulating the production of this substance and thus aids in relieving depressions.

Prevents Menopausal neuroses

It has been clinically observed and has also been recorded in 1983 British Pharmacopoeia that extract of this plant helps in curing “menopausal neuroses”, which is a malady of emotional disturbances that often happens to women after the age of 50.

Apart from the above mentioned benefits Saint John’s Wort is also potential as a cancer fighting drug.

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