Benefits Of Smart Boards in the Classroom

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Benefits of Smart Boards in the Classroom

Smart boards are interactive electronic whiteboards that provide teachers an extra presentation tool for the class. These smart boards can be used with computers, displaying images via digital protectors. There are numerous benefits of smart boards in the classroom as further explained below.

1. Saving documents
When an instructor writes his or her notes for presentation or lecture on smart boards, the notes may be saved to be used later. This is beneficial for students who may have missed a particular class, because they are able to come back and the copy them at an appropriate time. Similarly, notes from a joint meeting may be preserved such that any team member who was absent can easily see the progress that was made. Notes may also be made accessible online and used for review purposes.

2. Boost interactive learning
Smart boards benefit the classroom through enhancing interactive learning amongst the students. This is because every person in the class can utilize the smart board at once. For instance, many smart boards normally permit the input from three or four computers. The other advanced smart boards come with useful finger or pen systems that enable multiple students to directly write on them. Since there are separate workspaces or several toolbars provided on the smart boards, students can work together during a presentation or lecture. This is especially useful for classes that only have a single computer.

3. Online access
Smart boards also offer an excellent advantage of online access. This means they can be set up in class to enable the whole class to view computer applications or websites. Educators can utilize an internet resource for enhancing a certain topic.

Smart boards have several drawbacks since they are somewhat new. For example, it is only compatible with several computer programs such as Microsoft Excel and Word, which may be inaccessible in certain regions.

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