Benefits of sitz bath

Benefits of sitz bath

Sitz bath refers to a bath wherein only the pelvic area is immersed in water. ‘ It may be done in a bath tub or people may use a simple basin. ‘ The main objective is to immerse the pelvic region up to the hip area in water. This type of bath is typically done using warm water and some medicines and substances may be added to the water for various health and medicinal reasons. ‘ The following are the benefits that people could get from taking a sitz bath:

1. Treatment of hemorrhoids

The most common use for sitz baths is in the treatment of hemorrhoids. ‘ In this medical condition, inflammation is present in the distal part of the anus. ‘ Through a warm sitz bath, people with hemorrhoids may get relaxation and pain relief in the anal region. The warm water will help lessen the symptoms and the added medicines will also hasten the healing process.

2. Relief of discomfort in pelvic region

Aside from hemorrhoids, there are also other concerns and illnesses involving the pelvic region that could be treated with a warm sitz bath. ‘ Women with cramping in the uterus for example may benefit with the warmth given by the water in the bath. ‘ The warmth in the water may also relieve those with constipation and other stomach problems. ‘ The same warm water may also help increase blood flow to the pelvic area which helps to promote healing and comfort.

3. Cleansing of the pelvic region

Sitz baths may also be used to cleanse and/or treat affected areas in the pelvic region including the reproductive organs. ‘ Infections that involve these parts may need to be cleansed using warm water to help do away with any discomfort or pain. ‘ Itching in various parts of the pelvic region may also get relief from total cleansing through a sitz bath.

Whether done with warm or cold water, sitz baths provide cleaning and healing relief to many people with a variety of conditions involving the pelvic region. ‘ The bath is also easy to setup and provides a fast way of getting relief from a variety of conditions.

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