Benefits of Fraxel laser

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Benefits of Fraxel laser

Fraxel refers to fractional laser treatment, a type of non-surgical treatment for the skin. ‘ People with acne scars, skin discolorations and pigmentations, and wrinkles for example may under Fraxel laser treatment to improve their skin and make them smoother and youthful-looking. ‘ The main purpose of Fraxel laser treatment is to remove old skin and allow newer skin to resurface. ‘ The following are benefits of Fraxel laser treatment:

1. Scar treatment

For people with scars that resulted from acne and other skin conditions, Fraxel laser treatment can help reduce their appearance. ‘ Depending on the size and type of scar, these blemishes may be lightened and flattened over several sessions of Fraxel laser treatment.

2. Wrinkle removal

Fraxel laser treatment may also help people erase or reduce their wrinkles and fine lines caused both by aging and too much sun exposure. ‘ With its basic concept of skin rejuvenation, old skin cells may be gradually peeled off as new skin cells will resurface. ‘ This type of laser treatment will also help the synthesis of collagen to help promote firmness in the skin and therefore producing less wrinkles. ‘ It doesn’t matter if the wrinkles are in the forehead, mouth, or eye areas. ‘ All wrinkles will be lessened and have a smoother appearance after several sessions of Fraxel laser treatment.

3. Reduction of skin discoloration

People with melasma and numerous dark spots in the skin may also get relief from regular Fraxel laser treatment. ‘ Over several sessions, dark pigments in the skin that are secondary to over-production of melanin may lighten and show improvements.

Fraxel laser treatment basically helps people combat the common signs of aging such as skin discoloration, wrinkling, and scarring. ‘ Through a non-surgical procedure, collagen will be re-synthesized to help smoothen the skin and help people look and feel younger. ‘ Fraxel laser treatment is often touted as a skin rejuvenating and anti-aging procedure.

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