Benefits Of Shiatsu

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Benefits of Shiatsu

Shiatsu massage is also referred to as acupressure and it is a form of massage that involves using fingers for massaging to control the energy flow in the body. In a shiatsu session, palms, fingers, feet or thumbs are used to apply pressure. The shiatsu massage produces deep relaxation, enhances levels of energy and provides balance. The following are other benefits of shiatsu massage.

1. Arthritis

The shiatsu massage can assist alleviate the painful symptoms linked to arthritis, which is an inflammation of tissues in the body. Rheumatoid arthritis usually attacks the joint linings and it affects many people in the world today. Shiatsu massage applied to both feet and hands are highly efficient in treating arthritis. It is helpful in enhancing overall muscle health in the body as well. It provides muscles nutrition through improving blood circulation, which helps to lower muscle pain.

2. Skin benefits

Shiatsu stimulates blood circulation within the skin capillaries. This massage also stimulates secretion of sebaceous glands, which helps in keeping skin smooth and moist. This makes the skin even more resilient and prevents premature skin ageing and wrinkling. Undergoing this shiatsu massage is going to assist enhance the glow and look of skin with increased blood circulation.

3. Benefits women

Shiatsu massage also benefits women, especially in monthly cycles where it is used for alleviating symptoms like depression and menstrual cramps. This form of massage also has beneficial uses in pregnant women. Shiatsu helps pregnant women who are undergoing labor pains. It also helps babies to turn to the correct position inside the womb. An additional advantage of utilizing shiatsu massage during pregnancy is that it can encourage labor in those who are overdue. Furthermore it eases swelling and morning sickness caused during pregnancy.

Even though some people could possibly experience enhanced sensation and feel dizzy after a shiatsu session, this is only temporary and also harmless.

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