Benefits Of Shark Cartilage

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Benefits of Shark Cartilage

Shark cartilage is popularly used as an alternative medication for people with cancer since sharks do not develop this disease. It is very effective and it has also shown useful results against other diseases. Further below are other benefits of shark cartilage.

1. Provides arthritis relief

People with arthritis may get relief from regular shark cartilage intake. The irregular growth of capillaries that damage the joint cartilage and the subsequent pain is thought to be managed by oral and intravenous shark cartilage dosages. It also assists in restoring lost fluid and cartilage between joints for enabling easier operation of the extremities and limbs. Over time, incapacitating symptoms like joint pains are lessened.

2. Boosts immune system

Once you include shark cartilage into your daily nutrition, the immune function is considerably boosted. Shark cartilage comprises of high amounts of calcium and proteins that are vital for healthy immune function. It assists in healing eczema, hemorrhoids, emphysema, poison oak and asthma.

3. Enhances digestive function

Shark cartilage rebuilds and protects the walls of the intestines and thus enhances digestive function. Foods consumed daily coupled with free radicals and toxins damage these intestinal walls. This shark cartilage assists in repairing this injury and to make certain that it stops.

4. Boosts eye health

Shark cartilage provides relief for people with glaucoma, which is a very serious disease that might even result in blindness. Nevertheless, regular shark cartilage can reduce the fluid pressure, helping to treat this disease.

5. Combats cancer

Shark cartilage inhibits the development of blood cells responsible for nurturing and encouraging cancer growth. Through this action, it stops the flow of blood to cancerous growths, resulting in shrinkage of these tumors. It is generally known for controlling breast, cervical, prostrate and cancers.

Shark cartilage, just like other medical supplements, also has some side effects. For example, it aggravates hypocalcaemia in cancer patients.

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