Benefits Of Pneumatic Systems

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Benefits of Pneumatic Systems

In general, you are required to choose between two kinds of fluid compressors, which are hydraulic and pneumatic systems. The pneumatic systems use compacted air while hydraulic systems use compacted fluids like oil. The following are benefits of making use of pneumatic systems.

1. Function silently

Pneumatic systems are significantly quieter in comparison to the hydraulic systems. This is because the motor that compresses air in pneumatic systems can be put in a different area away from the device itself. Moreover, this particular motor is stored in a distinct container specifically designed to lessen or considerably eliminate noise. This characteristic makes pneumatic systems the best choice for areas where noise from machines requires to be minimized.

2. Highly convenient

A key pneumatic systems benefit is that processes are not usually interrupted by cases of power failure. The main reason is the fact that containers store the compacted air and in the instance that the motor does not function, the machine still functions using the compressed air. In addition, pneumatic systems pose a very low risk of a fire, especially when a tube or a valve leaks.

3. Reliable

Since pneumatic systems do not need the sophisticated plumbing and valves of hydraulic compressors, they do not suffer failure frequently. If a pneumatic system does not require regular repair, repair expenses are typically relatively low. Furthermore, pneumatic compressors have a relatively simple design and thus it is much easier to locate repairmen to service it.

4. Clean to operate

Pneumatic systems derive their compression force from highly compressed air. This means that a leakage in this kind of system does not create a huge problem with regards to clean up.

The drawback of pneumatic systems is that the air used requires purifying and this may lead to additional expenses. If the air containing vapor is used it can lead to damage of the equipment due to corrosion.

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  1. Pneumatic Valves

    May 3, 2011 5:18 am

    The Advantages of Pneumatic Compression
    Quiet Operation: – Pneumatic compressors are much quieter than hydraulic fluid operated ones
    Reliability: – Pneumatic systems are highly reliable. Because they do not require the complicated valves and plumbing of hydraulic systems, they undergo mechanical failure at a much lower rate
    Cleanliness: – Air compressors are always cleaner in operation than hydraulic ones because the compression force is derived from highly pressurized air and not viscous fluid. Therefore, a leak in a pneumatic system does not pose a problem from a housekeeping or environmental perspective.
    Usability: – Pneumatic compressors can also operate air tools, which have advantages over their electric counterparts. Air-operated tools are nearly always lighter than electric or hydraulic controlled tools.

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