Benefits Of Aqua Aerobics

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Benefits of Aqua Aerobics

Water aerobics or aqua aerobic typically comprises of low impact exercise performed in water, like a shallow swimming pool. Water acts as resistance when one performs exercises that are normally done on land, for instance jumping tracks or jogging. Just like any other form of exercise, aqua aerobic provide many health benefits, but offers reduced chances of injuries and strain to the joints and muscles.

1. Provides a great cardio workout

Aqua aerobics offer a great cardio workout, working your legs and arms continuously helps to improve breathing. This is extremely beneficial to patients with respiratory problems or asthma related complications.

2. Fantastic post-surgery workout

Water resistance is more compared to air resistance therefore your muscles work harder. Although aqua training is not effective as lifting free weights, it provides a good foundation for newbies or those recovering after an illness or surgery.

3. Improves balance

Aqua aerobic exercise is also great for individuals with balance problems, since the water help to stabilize them. Moreover, it is the best low impact exercise you can perform, especially if want to strengthen your joint muscles.

4. Cardiovascular health

This form of exercise helps improve oxygen circulation and blood distribution to other organs in the body. The good thing is that aqua aerobics provide cardiovascular conditioning, which is beneficial to patients with heart problems.

5. Reduces the risk of arthritis

Aqua aerobic has become increasingly popular since it reduce your risk of developing back pain, arthritis, joint and muscles problems, Additionally, you can also enjoy other aerobic classes, such as Aqua step, Aqua fit and water boxing.

6. Stress relief

Water aerobics also provides stress relief from the busy hectic schedules. It helps build flexibility and strength.

Cost is the main drawback associated with aqua aerobics, as you may incur charges to access facilities that provide these services.

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