Benefits Of River Ganga

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Benefits of River Ganga

Indian tourism continues to immensely benefit from the increasing interest in river Ganga or Ganges. Actually, no other river in India commands respect like river Ganga. It is regarded as the basis of commerce, life and religion in India. Below are key benefits of river Ganga.

1. Commercial benefits
River Ganga has huge commercial benefits and it therefore affects the economy of India in several ways. It offers an alternative transport method, enabling the transportation of heavy products through relatively cheap means. In addition, this river acts as the basis of several industries such as jute industry found in West Bengal. Most industries depend on this river because it sustains employees of these companies, while providing water for production purposes.

2. Religious benefits
This river has great importance for the religion of Hinduism. According to Hindu mythology, river Ganga is a holy river and it is thereby worshipped and treated like a goddess. Hindus also believe that taking a bath in this particular river on certain occasions causes complete elimination of sins as well as assisting to achieve salvation. That is why there are several holy parts of the river where people come to get these benefits. Moreover, it is said that life completeness is attained following at least one bath in river Ganga.

3. Benefits the environment
River Ganga supports the whole ecosystem of the large Indian plains stretching from West Bengal to Uttar Pradesh. Many vital animal species depend on this river for survival. The forests along the river banks and also those fed with the distributaries and channels of this river are vital for supporting wildlife in India.
Flooding is the main problem linked to river Ganga. It causes huge problems like destruction of buildings and infrastructure as well as loss of life in the immediate areas of Bangladesh.

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