Benefits of Rational Team Concert

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Benefits of Rational Team Concert

Rational Team Concert is a team collaboration software developed by IBM with its first release made in 2008. ‘ As its name suggests, Rational Team Concert provides a venue for software developers to have a common tool for various activities like conceptualizing, planning, task-giving, reporting, and management. ‘ By means of collaborating different aspects of a project for example, IBM’s Rational Team Concert can give the following benefits:

1. Provides tracking of activities

The setup involved in Rational Team Concert allows for easy tracking of all stages of a particular project. ‘ Every part of a software development team for example will be able to collaborate with each other regarding planning, testing, and/or reporting issues. ‘ All concerns are properly tagged and can easily be traced making it easy for every team member to proceed or review a given task. ‘ Through newsgroups and update boards, notes and pointers may be given out for other team members for proper guidance in the project involved.

2. Lowers cost

By simple collaboration of different people doing different parts of a software development process, companies and organizations will be able to cut costs. ‘ Not all parts of the Team Concert tools may be applicable for some companies and they have the option to take these out. ‘ Instead, those tools that are considered useful can be used to support one company’s needs.

3. Easy integration with existing software development tools

Many companies already have their own software development tools and these can easily be integrated with the Rational Team concert’s features. ‘ Existing planning structure may work well with new features like Change Management Collaboration. ‘ With easy integration, software development projects are easy to access.

The most basic benefit of Rational Team Concert is the transparency it provides to all system users. ‘ With easy access to the status of software-related projects, productivity will be promoted and possible problems in the development cycle may easily be avoided and tracked and thereby increasing overall work efficiency.

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