Benefits of Shree Yantra

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Benefits of Shree Yantra

Shree Yantra or “Shri Yantra” refers to an instrument or body that is associated with wealth. ‘ Through nine triangles that are interlocked and circled around the central bindu point, this sought after yantra is known to possess the powers of Hindu Goddess Mahalaxmi. ‘ With its reputation as one of the most powerful types of yantra, most of the Hindu people’s houses and temples are adorned with this instrument. ‘ Some even liken houses without the Shree Yantra as having no life and similar to places for the dead. ‘ Wherever the shree Yantra is placed, it is said to provide the following benefits:

1. ‘ Increased luck in terms of wealth

Since Shree Yantra is associated with the Goddess of wealth and fortune, this particular instrument is also thought of as having the power to provide good fortune to the residents of a particular house. ‘ People are said to achieve prosperity if the Shree Yantra is established in their homes and office buildings.

2. Improved mental power

The shree yantra is also said to provide mental power making people more calm and positive. ‘ With a much positive outlook in life, one will also attract positive energy making things and daily concerns a bit easier to accept. ‘ Even during hard times and emotional struggles, a person is said to be blessed with the right attitude to deal with life’s concerns if the shree yantra is established in his/her home.

3. Greater chance for success

With a positive effect on one’s attitude and thinking, the shree yantra is also able to promote success in life. ‘ Aside from fortune in terms of material things, one will also achieve success in his/her family life and career. ‘ Life at home and in the office is said to be better when one is able to adapt shree yantra through his/her home and actions towards people.

Adapting or establishing shree yantra has a proper process though in order to be deemed effective. ‘ Special stones and elements must be used to create the instrument and one has to make adjustments in terms of doing worship before the sun rises and finding a neat and tidy place for its installation.

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