Benefits Of Raspberry Leaf

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Benefits of Raspberry Leaf

Raspberry leaves are believed to have an array of medicinal properties and were used by the ancient Romans and Greeks to treat many disorders. Studies show that raspberry leaf can treat a number of illnesses, including rubella, stomach disease, vomiting, fevers, diarrhea, hangovers, inflammation and menstrual problems just to mention but a few. Listed below are the common uses of raspberry leaf.

1. Eliminates waste and toxins
A concoction of raspberry leaves with dandelion root is believed to have cleansing properties. Simply stir the herb in boiling water and leave it for about ten minutes. Drink the concoction thrice a day to eliminate wastes from the bloodstream. Studies are however ongoing to determine if this theory is factual.

2. Treats inflamed skin
A decoction of raspberry leaf is a remedy for oozing or inflamed skin. The tannins present in raspberry leaf stimulate cell regeneration in the skin. Additionally, the decoction prevents bacterial infections. Simply add 3 spoonful of the herb in boiling water and stir for about 10 minutes. Compress or soak the resultant solution on the affected part of your skin several times for immediate relief.

3. Relieves menstrual symptoms
Raspberry leaf is also used to promote bile circulation, ease menstrual symptoms and treat wounds. The tea also helps quell stomach upset, relieve nausea and ease flu-like symptoms. When taken in moderation, raspberry leaf can also treat tonsillitis and gum disorders.

4. Good for sore throat
For laryngitis or sore throat, boil the herb in boiling water and allow the mixture to cool. You can add sage leaves and calendula flower to enhance its effectiveness, then gargle the resultant mixture several times. Raspberry tea can also help ease stomach disorders and diarrhea.

While there are no known side effects associated to drinking raspberry tea, make sure you moderate your intake to avert the onset of adverse effects.

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