Benefits Of Darjeeling Tea

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benefis of teaBenefits of Darjeeling Tea

Darjeeling tea refers to a kind of black tea, which is grown mainly in India, specifically Darjeeling. This tea has a robust and slightly spicy flavor with grape overtones. Many of its medicinal benefits are linked to its high antioxidant levels that combat diseases as well as free radicals. The following are key benefits of Darjeeling tea.

1. Flavonoids
Similar to other forms of black tea, Darjeeling tea comprises of beneficial antioxidants that are called flavonoids. These flavonoids combat cellular damage, which is a key cause of many serious health ailments like atherosclerosis and cancer. The detoxifying properties of antioxidants protect cells from the harm linked to free radicals. Frequent Darjeeling tea intake may thus act as a measure for atherosclerosis prevention.

2. Provides relaxation
Drinking Darjeeling tea offers relaxation because of a certain amino acid known as L-theanine that is present in it. This amino acid lessens both physical and mental stress and offers the user a great feeling of well-being and relaxation. Individuals with either anxiety attacks or depression are recommended Darjeeling tea to better control their conditions.

3. Boosts energy
Darjeeling tea offers a much healthier boost of energy in contrast to coffee. Even though these two beverages contain similar amounts of caffeine, Darjeeling tea has the L-theanine amino acid content that softens caffeine’s uneven and speedy effects. An individual drinking Darjeeling tea feels energized and relaxed simultaneously.

4. Lessen stroke risk
People who are prone to strokes and heart attacks are supposed to regularly drink Darjeeling tea to lower their risks. Besides reducing stroke risk, the consumption of this tea also improves function of blood vessels. This ensures healthy flow of blood in the body.
The only drawback of Darjeeling tea intake is that it cannot be taken together with milk. The reason for this is that milk lessens most of the useful effects of this tea.

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