Benefits Of Quinoa

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Benefits Of Quinoa

Although the health benefits of quinoa grain have been rediscovered in the recent past, thesehave been known since the earlier ltmes. This is because traditionally ,quinoa has been called as the gold of Incas. This grain is considered as a relative of green leafy vegetables such as the Swiss chard and spinach. Quinoa seed is rich in amino acids that are essential for maintaining the health of our body. The texture of quinoa seed is creamy, fluffy, slightly crunchy and has a rather nutty flavor. This seed is available in your nearby health food stores all through the year. The health benefits of quinoa seed include:

1. Helps in reducing migraine headaches
People suffering from migraines should increase their consumption of quinoa in their diets. Quinoa contains rich quantities of magnesium, a mineral that helps in the relaxation of blood vessels and prevents their constriction. Increased consumption of magnesium reduces the frequency and intensity of headaches for episodes migraine sufferers. Riboflavin present in quinoa improves energy metabolism in the brain and muscle cells and thus, helps in reducing migraine pain.

2. Maintains cardiovascular health
Magnesium present in Quinoa helps in relaxing blood vessels. Low dietary intake of magnesium is usually associated with hypertension, heart arrhythmias, and ischemic heart disease. Increased intake of quinoa seed helps in maintaining the cardiovascular health.

3. Provides antioxidant protection
Although, Quinoa doesn’t contain any antioxidants, it contains rich amounts of minerals like manganese and copper. These two minerals act as cofactors for stimulating the action of superoxide dismutase enzyme. This enzyme is an antioxidant, which protects the cell mitochondria from oxidative damage that might occur during energy production. It also guards red blood cells from the injury caused by the free radicals that are produced as a result of several metabolic reactions.

4. Helps in curing childhood asthma.
Asthma results due to breathing difficulties and tension worsens any such condition. Quinoa helps in reducing the body stress and keeps the respiratory airways open. Quinoa contains Magnesium that helps in reducing bronchial spasms and thus helps in treating asthma.

5. Beneficial for pregnant women.
This seed is considered as an endurance food that aids in providing energy to the body. Quinoa is a rich source of Iron-a mineral that is essential for pregnant women and the developing fetus. Iron present in quinoa helps in tissue repair as well as in the development of bones and teeth. Intake of this grain also improves the quality of milk in lactating mothers.

6. Prevents the formation of gallstones.
Regular intake of quinoa helps to prevent the formation of gallstones, especially among the women.

Cooked quinoa can be served as breakfast porridge or sprouted quinoa can be added to sandwiches and salads. Adding quinoa to your regular diet will bring lot of health benefits for you and your family.

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