Benefits of Magnesium

magnesiumThe Real Health Benefits of Magnesium
To stay healthy, youthful and energetic, you truly have to know the benefits of magnesium. Without sufficient magnesium intake, you might age faster than you have to and might have to take magnesium supplements into consideration. The overall magnesium deficiency symptoms happen to be identical to symptoms found in senior citizens: clogged arteries, insulin resistance, irregular heartbeat, increased heart attack risk, high blood pressure, diabetes predisposition and osteoporosis.

Facts about magnesium make it obvious that the overall benefits of magnesium should never be underestimated. Magnesium protects against aging in a lot of ways and also protects against heart disease and diabetes, preventing kidney stone recurrence. It also reduces blood pressure and improves symptoms that come with chronic fatigue syndrome. Supplements of magnesium can also strengthen the muscles and work along with calcium to make sure that bones stay strong and protect from osteoporosis. When taken with diets rich with magnesium sources, such supplements could protect against a wide array of illnesses.

Since not many people are aware of the benefits of magnesium and calcium, they also do not know that they should be taken at the same time. As a basic rule, supplements of magnesium should be taken with half the same dose of calcium supplements. While sources of magnesium are easy to access, though, sources of calcium that the human body can easily transform are a bit harder to find. Therefore, dual supplementation would truly be recommended to take care of the nutritional gaps.

Magnesium happens to be a highly powerful antioxidant which keeps protected and flexible cell membranes and protects against the overall onslaught of free radicals that cause cancer. These facts about magnesium should give you enough information to prevent early aging and death. If you end up with prolonged magnesium deficiency, you might also suffer from vitamin E deficiency since the vitamin E which keeps the body supplied get tired battling free radicals that are encouraged by an overall lack of magnesium. Supplements of magnesium along with various other sources of magnesium can therefore save the body’s supplies of vitamin E and protect you from aging.

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