Benefits of Pure Maple Syrup

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Benefits of Pure Maple Syrup

Pure maple syrup is not only sweet, but is also a good zinc and manganese source, nutrients that are essential for general wellness. Maple syrup can be consumed in several ways. You can use it instead of using table sugar like a sugar, as it gives coffee and tea a distinct taste. Using pure maple syrup regularly in your daily food preparations offers these health benefits.

1. Heart benefits
Pure maple syrup benefits heart health due to its zinc content. Zinc is vital for healthy endothelial cells function, helping to prevent endothelial damage that is caused by the oxidation of LDL cholesterol. Actually, endothelial membranes that have low zinc amounts are more susceptible to injury. Furthermore, studies claim that individuals with manganese deficiencies, another mineral amply provided in pure maple syrup have low HDL levels. Through consuming pure maple syrup, good HDL cholesterol levels are maintained, thus benefitting the heart.

2. Supports men’s health
Men can receive special reproductive benefits from pure maple syrup usage. Zinc is usually more highly concentrated in the prostate as compared to other human tissues. Low zinc levels in this particular gland are associated with increased likelihood of development of prostate cancer. Zinc is even the mineral that is therapeutically used by doctors for assisting to lower prostate size. Manganese might also support men’s health since it takes part in the making of male sex hormones, thereby assisting to enhance reproductive health.

3. Improves immune system
Manganese and zinc are integral to the immune response, with many immune cells appearing to depend on zinc for peak function. In several studies, a deficiency in zinc has been displayed to compromise the amounts of WBCs and general immune response. Zinc supplementation through pure maple syrup consumption has been proven to restore normal immune system conditions.

Pure maple syrup does not provide any allergenic reactions after intake and it also does not contain trace amounts of purines or oxalates.

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