Benefits of prayer

Makes us live longer

Now there is scientific proof that if you are a spiritual or a religious person and do pray every day, you might be doing your brain and your body a huge favor.

According to a recent study done on religious and spiritual practices, it has been noticed that prayers aids in fighting off depressions. Particularly for people those who are suffering from anxiety, praying regularly helps in thickening their brain cortex that aids them in finding relief from such predisposed anxieties.

A research conducted in the Columbia University by Professor Lisa Miller, who is the director of Clinical Psychology, it has been found among 103 patients of depression that thickening of the cerebral cortex, yields stunning benefits for patients suffering from this malady.

This study is just one in a slew of studies that have also verified and proved the benefits of prayer and meditation that have over the ages proved beneficial against our day to day stressful existence.

Here are a few notable benefits of praying which has been illustrated below.

Helps us to deal with emotional onslaughts

Prayers offers us some quite time all alone, whereby one can think and find an opportunity to focus on their inner-selves that reduces mental stress. Praying among all religious across the globe, has reiterated times and again of its extreme usefulness in dealing with mental agonies.

Makes us feel happier

A study conducted in the Department of Psychiatry by Dr. Andrew Newberg at the University of Pennsylvania, has actually found that prayers can boost the level of the ‘Happy-hormone’ known as Dopamine inside our brain. Thus praying on a daily basis indeed makes us feel more peaceful and happier in our lives.

Makes us a better human being

In a study conducted in Rishikesh in India which is popularly known as the “Yoga Capital’ of the world, it has been found that practicing meditation and prayers helps in reducing our ego. It not only makes us more humble but praying daily also makes us feel less greedy about material things and thus aid in making us a better person over the course of time.

Helps in increasing our immunity

It has also been found in the same study done in Rishikesh in India that praying daily helps in reducing symptoms of respiratory diseases like asthma. This happens because praying has been known to improve our immunity, which aids us in fighting against adverse health conditions in our lives.

Makes us live longer

One of the most striking perks of praying is that it helps us to live longer. By minimizing the ill effects of stress and other agonizing environmental factors praying helps our body to age more efficiently. It has been clinically recorded that praying aids us in beating off common ailments that affects us when we get older.

Apart from the above stated benefits it has also been seen that paying regularly with spiritual emotions initiates the process of contemplation within a seeker that helps in overcoming the obstacles of our dissolute minds.

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