Benefits of handstands


One of the most underrated exercises is handstand, as most people think that they just won’t be able to do it.

But just because you aren’t an advanced yoga practitioner or you have not done gymnastics when you were young, doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t start practicing handstand starting today.

Aside of just enjoying the plain fun of doing it or per say bring out the kid inside you, there are practically several ways that handstands can benefit our health, especially when someone is into the habit of practicing it every day.

So even if you do you handstands against a wall, or may manage to do freestanding ones, here are a few most important reasons as to why you must practice doing handstands every day.

Handstands makes our upper torso stronger

In order to stay for any span of time upside down, every one of us will need a massive amount of arm, shoulder and upper body strength in order to remain in that position. This is the exact reason as to why, beginners who starts doing this exercise begins shaking after a few seconds of holding on to a handstand.

Hence to start building up your strength, it’s best to start by holding a handstand against a wall for three sets of 10-15 seconds. Practicing handstand often eventually helps us to holding in that position for two to three minutes, as it builds up immense strength for our upper body skeletal and muscular anatomy.

Increase our balance

If one has ever tried doing handstands, one must be well aware of that fact that in order to do this exercise, besides the need for strength, one also must have substantial balancing skills in order to be able to hold up the body which is supported on their arms.

Performing freestanding handstand necessarily requires extreme control over our muscles and the ability to make constant small balancing acts to avoid falling. Hence handstands increases our balancing ability like no other exercise can.

Helps in boosting our mood

Since while doing handstands excessive blood flows into our brain, doing this exercise makes one feel energised, happy and induces a calming effect, especially when someone is really stressed out.

It has been medically found that doing handstands reduces the production of stress hormones such as Cortisol, which not only makes us feel less stressed but also helps in relieving minor depressions and anxiety related maladies.

Helps in building up our core strength

While doing handstand since staying upside-down forces us to stabilize our muscles, so doing this exercise helps not only in strengthening our abs, but it also strengthens other key muscle groups such as the hamstrings, hip flexor muscles and also muscles on our lower back and inner thighs.

Helps in blood circulation, bone health and breathing

Since handstand is a weight bearing exercise, do this helps in strengthening our bones, which makes us less prone to osteoporosis.

Doing this upside down exercise also increases our blood flow to the upper parts of our body which helps in curing and thwarting respiratory diseases.

Apart from the above stated benefits handstand is also a great exercise which improves our cardiac health.

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