Benefits of alkaline diet

alkaline diet

The greatest problem with most of us in our life as far as our health and wellbeing is concerned, is that we have been eating the wrong way. The ‘Balanced Diet’ plans that has taught us all about the food pyramid, talked about balanced meals and healthy foods, are in fact the real culprits for making us obese and ill.

This is so because Balance Diets often contains meat, grains and dairy products that makes up an acidic meal.

Have you ever wondered why, even after following a Balanced Diet plan religiously, our body sends negative signals, and what is that missing piece of the puzzle, that prevents our body from achieving a healthy life?

Over the course of time, all health education programs and lessons has been constructed in almost the same way, when we talk about diets. In order to help us to understand nutrition, we have been taught to believe in a colorful pyramid that illustrates, the proportion of certain food categories which have been considered healthy for our wellbeing.

Nevertheless, in between the discoveries that illustrated what food is good for our body, we have thematically incorporated to this overall puzzle the combination of meat, grains, dairy, vegetables and fruits- a combination which makes for a deadly acidic meal.

However, recent studies have revealed that to restore our health, we need to focus on balancing our pH level of our diet, which is indeed a radical departure from the exiting food pyramid theories.

Here are some of the most essential health benefits of consuming alkaline diets, which helps in rebuilding our cells and tissues that leads to a healthy body.

Prevents Cold

Acidic environment in our diet plans promotes the growth of yeast, fungi and bad bacteria inside our body. This imbalance between good and bad bacteria within us often makes us get more prone to infections and diseases. It has been clinically observed that people who eat alkaline diets are less likely to suffer from common colds, when the pH factor inside our body is alkaline.

Prevents Cancer

One of the major benefits of consuming an alkaline diet and maintaining an alkaline body state is that this can reduce our risk of developing cancer. It has been found that when we eat foods that are rich in acidic values our body becomes acidic that makes our inter-cellular oxygen level low which can hamper our metabolic activities. Reduced metabolic actives is one of the main reasons for the growth of cancer cells. Hence maintaining optimal alkaline level in our body encourages higher production of healthy cells, which is a primordial key for prevention of cancer.

Controls weight

Eating alkaline foods like fruits and vegetable make us maintain a healthy weight. It has been widely observed that foods that are rich in acidic values create indigestion and flatulency and so are more likely to contribute to weigh problems that leads to substantial weight gain.

Prevents bone diseases

It has been clinically found that eating acidic foods leaches minerals such as Calcium from our bone, which is then needed for balancing our acidic pH inside our body. Hence eating acidic diets can lead to degeneration of bones, which does not happen when we opt for alkaline foods.

Prevents poly-cystic ovarian diseases

It has been seen that women who lives on alkaline diets often do not suffer from polycystic ovarian diseases. It has been clinically found that consuming alkaline foods aids in better functioning of the reproductive organs in women and also lessens several post-menstrual syndromes.

Foods such as figs, almonds, molasses, dates, celery and cruciferous vegetables are some of the most common examples of alkaline diets.

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