Benefits of art

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We all are aware of the fact that children love art for to them it is a wonderful nonverbal way for them to express themselves through a creative form. For the children, creative possibilities are boundless and it can go as far as their imagination can take them. Most of all art is fun. Right from childhood the joy of art continues to grow into most of us through our teens as art is even encouraged in all schools.

Apart from heightening and encouraging our self-esteem, involvement in art can also improve the overall performance of all students.

In addition art can also benefit us in several myriad ways, a few of which are illustrated below.

Nonverbal communication and expression

Both for the children and for adults any form of art, be it painting, clay modeling, sculpturing or any other procedure, art is a nonverbal tool that helps all of us to communicate as to how we see the world around us.

It provides us a chance to release and express our feelings.

It’s a form of relaxation

To clear our head from daily stress, the act of creating art can work as a distraction. It is a temporary escape or retreat from our everyday living.

While doing painting or sketching some of us often experience a sense of meditative flow, focusing on the enjoyable part of creating art. An act which can be comparted similar to the fun of enjoying cooking or gardening.

Increases morale

Just like children we adults also enjoy the fun of creating art. This nature of experimenting and creating something with colors and shapes evokes a sense of playfulness in our mind. As we watch our ideas develop into a finished piece, we develop as sense of pride and accomplishment as we never felt before.

Improve cognitive reciprocation

Critical thinking is also used in a random manner when we have to decide what would we like to create, or how we will create or capture and idea or an image, what color should we choose to match the form and others.

In fact our power of concentration even gets increased by many folds as we try to focus on our works of art.

Improve the sense of self

Art is one medium which can always help a child and a teenager to build up their self-esteem. Among adults, art is a form that can renew our broken or low sense of our self. For example when we take up any form of art as a passion, we put time aside to do so. This act of putting time aside for doing something special often aids in building up self-esteem in people who are lonely or depressed in their lives.

While taking any artistic endeavor, always remember that you are not setting out to create an artistic masterpiece. Art is a form of exploration with different materials. It’s about creating something that simply enables one to harbor the benefits of their creative forms.

As the famous painter Pablo Picasso wisely said that every child is an artist, but the problem remains how long we can remain an artist as we grown up.

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