Benefits Of Onion

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onionBenefits Of Onion

Apart from adding taste and flavor to all kinds of vegetarian and non vegetarian food onions also have a lot of nutritious value and are considered to be an important medicine for curing various diseases. Although considered to be milder kind of garlic, numerous varieties of onion are available. These include red onions, white onion, yellow onions, sweet onions, shallots, scallions, Spanish onions, etc.

1. Onions help in curing heart diseases
Onions contain a vital element known as flavonoid quercetin. This substance is helpful in reducing the symptoms of cardiovascular diseases. Onions are helpful in reducing the blood pressure and bringing it to normal levels. Increased amount of bad cholesterol also known as LDL restricts the free flow of blood in the arteries and results in strokes and heart attacks.Â’ Onions reduce the bad cholesterol in our body thus preventing us from diseases.

2. Onions are good antioxidants
Onions contain high quantities of vitamin C and thus act as an effective anti-oxidant. The various metabolic reactions taking place in our body produce a large number of free radicals that are toxic and harmful for our body. These free radicals if allowed to remain in the body can cause a number of diseases. Anti oxidants present in onions react with free radicals and remove them from our body thus keeping us away from several diseases.

3. Anti inflammatory properties
Due to its anti-inflammatory nature onions stops the inflammation from spreading and thus helps in reducing the intensity of symptoms in respiratory diseases like asthma. Various types of harmful bacteria enter our body. Because of it’s anti inflammatory properties onions help in removing the infection causing bacteria from our body. Onions help the body in fightingÂ’ infections like that of the urinary tract.

4. Benefits for diabetics.
Onions increases the production of insulin- a hormone that controls the level of glucose in blood. When the quantity of insulin in blood increases, the glucose or sugar level automatically falls down to normal.

5. Beneficial for skin
Onion also helps in reducing and removing skin problems. A mixture of onion juice and vinegar applied on skin helps in removal of warts and freckles.

6. Used in hair fall treatment
Onions are effective in treating problems like excessive hair fall. Onion juice applied on the scalp twice or thrice a week for a few months helps remove the problem of hair fall and results in increased hair growth.

7. Help in the battle against cancer
Although the amount of sulphides present in onions is far less than that present in garlic, yet it is used in treating fatal diseases like cancer.
It has truly been said that “prevention is better than cure‒. Leaving aside its property of bringing tears to eyes, onion has nutritive and health benefits for all. So do include onions in your food and prevent yourself from several health problems.

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