Benefits Of OFW

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Benefits of OFW

The Filipino government recently revealed benefits for OFW’s, which denotes Overseas Filipino Workers. It offers extensive services that are very useful for such people. One is eligible for these benefits once you pay a small $25 contribution charge. Members can then get the numerous OFW benefits that vary from disability and scholarships to financial assistance and health care.

1. Disability benefits
OFW are eligible for dismemberment or disability that reaches a high amount of Php 50,000. The total disability benefits given to Filipino workers are Php 100,000 and this is provided during unfortunate cases of permanent disability.

2. Death benefits
Members are permitted an outstanding benefit of close to Php 100,000. This is given for the period of her or his employment and is only provided for death caused by natural causes. However, for death caused by accidents, the remaining family is provided Php 200,000. Furthermore, burial benefits that reach Php 20,000 are also provided when members pass on.

3. Education benefits
The PDEP program is offered like a mandatory class for all leaving migrant workers. This program includes classes on culture familiarization, stress management and language training for these workers. The main intention of this particular benefit is to assist in preparing the migrant workers for the life that is awaiting them overseas.

4. Workers assistance
There are several onsite services that overseas Filipino residents receive. Actually, the Filipino government maintains and sustains help to all its members using the various overseas and regional offices. They offer several services such as locating the whereabouts of Filipino workers. Other beneficial services offered include legal and medical assistance and also outreach missions. Moreover, there is the repatriation of distraught workers and also human remains.

These benefits of OFW are many and they ensure that Filipino workers continue living comfy lives overseas.

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