Benefits of Obama Care

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Benefits of Obama Care

Health care is an issue of concern for many American. For this reason, President Barrack Obama has emphasized aggressive strategies to improve America’s health care. However, the health care plan has since received varied reactions from folks all over the county. Some believe the bill will improve their access to medical aid, while others feel that it will only affect the upper class.

1. Expanded coverage

The new national health care could target small business and all American citizens, with benefits somehow similar to government personnel. All American citizens would have access to medical coverage, regardless of pre-existing conditions or illness, and the government would provide monetary assistance to those who need it.

2. Lowered expenses

The major benefit of the health care bill is that the government will regulate premiums for people with pre-existing problems. Also, employers would be obligated to alleviate cost of health care for their employees, meaning it would be more affordable. By doing so, competition in the field of medicine and insurance would rise, thus decreasing cost.

3. Improved quality

According to recent findings, there has been a large number of slipups that has lead to deaths annually in major hospitals. The government would spend more money on medical technology to improve medical care.

4. Increased choices

State Children’s Health insurance and Medicaid, would be made available to children who are not eligible for Medicaid. In addition, the program would also cater for those in need of health care.

5. Advanced medical research

Every hospital would be obligated to keep records of medical expenses to ensure quality health care given to the patients. More emphasis on advanced medical research will provide medical workers with skills to solve medical problems.

Although there are no drawbacks of the Obama care, it may be difficult to define how it will impact the current health care system, or those who will end up paying for mandatory heath coverage.

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