Benefits Of Monarchy

Benefits of Monarchy

Monarchy is a form of government where authority is placed on single individual and it is usually hereditary. This type of governance has been in place for a very long time and it was established during times of internal crisis or external threat since it provided more effective focus of power. Further down are other key benefits of monarchy.

1. Reduces cases of corruption

The monarchy system of authority can help in the advancement of a country through doing away with official corruption. Any act of corruption by officials becomes a great offense against the monarch. The monarch cannot engage in any embezzlement because everything already belongs to her or him.

2. Increases stability of the nation

For nations lacking stability and a civil society, then the best alternative is monarchy. Through monarchy governance, anarchy and chaos can be easily dealt with. Monarchy also provides an attractive solution for nations looking for a more effective and representative form of national governance. This is because a monarchy enables long-term stability, especially when it comes to leadership of the nation.

3. Enables quick decision making

Unlike other forms of government that might require long debates over certain issues, the monarchy is very beneficial and it allows for decisive and quick decision making. This is vital in cases where there is a crisis like war and a quick decision has to be made on how the army should respond. Since a monarchy creates a high sense of national identity and nationalism, the decisions made by the monarch can also be implemented much faster.

The key demerit of the monarchy form of governance is that important decisions are going to be made by one individual. This can lead to biased and rash decisions that could possibly have undesirable consequences. Additionally, succession is not usually based on an individual’s capability as a leader but it is hereditary.

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  1. These lists of “benefits” of anti-democratic systems fails to note that many of these benefits are available to free, democratic societies that have mechanisms for quickly dealing with emergencies. The Lenins, Stalins, Maos, Castros, Mussolinis, Hitlers, Francos, Louis XIVs, Nicholas IIs, Wilhelm IIs and other trash cost too much to produce any benefits in the end.


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