Benefits Of Medical Tourism

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Benefits of Medical Tourism

Medical tourism refers to the act of going to a foreign country to get medical, dental or cosmetic treatment. This type of tourism is also referred to as health tourism, global healthcare or medical travel. Over the past couple of years, most travel agencies that specialize in health tourism have been providing competitive packages to individuals looking to obtain medical treatments abroad.

1. Cost-effectiveness and affordability

The low charge of various medical procedures is one of the main reasons why many people are choosing to go abroad for their medical treatments. These savings range from 30% to 80% of the total cost that you might be required to pay in America. The reason behind the low charge of medical treatments in a foreign country is the cheap labor found in the well-known tourism destinations. There are reduced costs of insurance, administration and malpractice abroad, which also make medical tourism the cheapest option.

2. Better healthcare

Most of the surgeons and doctors who offer medical services to global patients are actually taught in western countries like Great Britain and United States. As a result, the patients who make use of medical tourism get to receive immediate service from well-trained doctors and other health experts. Patients are also given priority treatment and their cases are dealt with instantly.

3. Provides an opportunity to travel

Although medical tourism is mainly about getting proper healthcare, it provides the patients a great opportunity to travel to different countries. For certain health tourists, particularly people seeking cosmetic care or dental care, they can also enjoy what the other country has to offer apart from the cheap health care.

For most medical procedures, it is customary that the patients check in with their physician to monitor the progress. On the other hand, through getting treatment overseas, it becomes very expensive to check in with the doctor who gave you primary care.

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  1. caseythompson

    December 3, 2010 5:45 pm

    Great idea, I dont have an insurance and the surgery in the U.S. is too expensive, so I search and I find out that you can save up to 40%-80% of money if you have the same surgery on Mexico, they have great doctors and hospitals.
    I find a page where they help you with all the process, to have different prices of dferents doctors, they also help you with the hotel, and all the trip, for example you can go to Hermosillo, sonora that is only 4 hrs distance from Tucson, Az.
    Here is the page i find that help you with everything and
    I hope it helps

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