Benefits of Nationalism

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Nationalism is basically the principle that some people have that their country is highly important and that it is also superior to other states. It can be used for describing a movement that wants to protect or establish their homeland for a certain ethnic group. While nationalism is associated with negative effects, there are some benefits that can be gained from this political ideology.

1. Promotes peace

Nationalism may assist in encouraging peace in a country since the national anthem, flag and other national symbols are usually regarded sacred. When people see these national symbols on the streets, deep emotions will be aroused in them. There are rarely any cases of war in countries that use nationalism. This is because people greatly respect their country and each other and thus they cannot do anything that will jeopardize their nation.

2. Enhances teamwork

Since nationalism places emphasis on collective identity, people will work together for their own benefit and also to enhance their nation. Actually, integral nationalism states the country functions like an effective organic unit. The country therefore is supposed to have a set social hierarchy that supports co-operation between varying social classes so as to meet the common political targets. Under, nationalism, people are encouraged to work hard together.

3. Common interests

Nationalism also encourages the idea that employees have similar interests with every other worker in their company and their country. This allows employees to have better sense of value, which really boosts their motivation. When people know that they are highly valued in an organization, chances are that they will start placing lots of effort in their daily work. Nationalism thereby results in improved productivity.

Even though nationalism might not really aim at racial profiling, it surely feeds racism. This is because it functions through identifying and also encouraging divisions amongst people.

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