Benefits Of Migration to the UK

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Benefits of Migration to the UK

Approximately more than 600,000 people migrate to the UK every year. The country has seen a rise in the number of migrants from the year 2008. Despite being a debatable issue, immigration offers a number of social and economic benefits for both immigrants and citizens in the UK. The fiscal and cultural benefits of migration are discussed below.

1. Innovation
Migration has a number of intangible benefits. In fact, the British government recently cited that immigration has many economic benefits as it exposes inhabitants to new ideas. By exchanging experiences and ideas, economy growth is inevitable since migrants provide diverse ideas on how to do business.

2. Public Services
Statistics show that U.K migrants contribute about 30 million pounds every year in taxes. Moreover, research conducted recently indicates that immigrants in the UK contribute more to public amenities than UK citizens.

3. Tax benefits
Most immigrants in the UK have a steady job. This means they duly pay their taxes, which is then used to fund retirement packages for seniors. In addition to that, immigration provides labor required in both manufacturing and processing industries. Demographic projections show that migration is expected to escalate as more people are in search of better job opportunities.
4. Better wages
Uneducated and unskilled workers from different countries migrate to the UK in search of greener pastures. Despite doing odd jobs like cleaning and childcare, immigrants often make better wages which many only dream of back in the native country.

5. Employment opportunities
Immigrants usually work in low-end paying jobs that many citizens feel overqualified to do. Statistics show that most immigrants work in manufacturing and processing industries – both of which are strenuous and demanding.
Lack of employment opportunities is evident despite the rise in number of migrants. On the other hand, some people argue that skilled immigrants may take the already scare jobs of citizens leading to high rates of unemployment.

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