Benefits of Louisiana Purchase

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Benefits of Louisiana Purchase

The Louisiana Purchase refers to the purchase of the Louisiana territory by the US from France back in 1803. Back then, the Louisiana territory comprised a big part of modern-day US at more than 800,000 miles. Under the territory, all or part of 15 present states in the US was part of the deal and this include a big part of Louisiana and several states all the way up to the northern border of the US and Canada. While there was opposition at the time of the US purchase of the Louisiana territory, the deal eventually went through providing various benefits to Americans over the years. These benefits are:

1. Bigger land area for the US

It is said that the Louisiana Purchase doubled the total land area of present-day USA. Bigger land area also meant for more farming lands and more places for various business enterprises.

2. Opening of the Mississippi River

The Louisiana Purchase also opened more trade and business opportunities through the opening of the Mississippi River. With the river extending from the far North down to its mouth in Louisiana State, more trading activities were formed and stimulated in America’s heartland. Citizens were now able to go from North to South because of the river’s opening and accessibility.

3. Power expansion

Purchasing the Louisiana territory was also considered a good move for then-president Thomas Jefferson because it paved the way for the US’ expansion of power and control not only in the North American continent but also across the whole world. Being able to double its territory was very significant at the time and it only meant a boost in the US’ existing power as a nation.

Despite some opposition of the Louisiana Purchase back in ancient times, many people in modern times now realize its full value to the US as a whole. For most people, the purchase basically made their nation as one united undivided nation while for others, it meant that the US started early in its quest for political supremacy in the world.

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