Benefits of rice vinegar

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Benefits of rice vinegar

Rice vinegar is a type of vinegar that is sourced from either brown or black rice varieties. Through fermentation of rice, vinegar that is milder and less acidic can be produced and this is compared to more traditional vinegars that are made through the distillation process. Rice vinegar is commonly manufactured in Asian countries like China, Japan, and Vietnam among many others. Many people use rice vinegar for its various benefits that include the following:

1. Nutrient content

Consumption of rice vinegar does not only add flavor to various food items but it also boosts overall health. Rice vinegar is said to contain various amino acids that are considered essential for optimum health. With at least 20 amino acids present in rice vinegar, the body can ward off possible attacks from cancer-causing free radicals and maintain the immune system at its healthiest levels. In terms of the aging process, rice vinegar is said to be good at fighting against fatty peroxides which cause damage to various parts in the body.

2. Anti-bacterial formula

Vinegar products like rice vinegar have long been used in treating minor wounds and various skin problems because of its antibacterial and antiseptic effect. The formulation of rice vinegar is acidic enough to destroy bacteria and help in the treatment and healing process of some minor wounds and other skin conditions.

3. Other health benefits

Rice vinegar is also touted as good in terms for providing energy that the body needs for various functions and activities. Through its citric acid content, energy levels are said to be boosted by consumption of rice vinegar. For people with high cholesterol or blood pressure levels, rice vinegar sourced from black rice is also known to help control these types of concerns.

Whether the rice vinegar is made in China or Japan or any other country in the world, the benefits it offers stay pretty much the same. Some may have a clear color while others are reddish or black but regardless of how they are sourced and process, rice vinegar is considered good for the health.

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