Benefits Of Lentils

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lentilsBenefits Of Lentils
One of the best sources of plant proteins that have been used since centuries is lentils. They were first cultivated in the eastern part of the world and then became the staple diet of many vegetarians all over the world. The high protein content of lentils made it popular among vegetarians. Apart from its easy availability lentils are not too expensive and are affordable by all. Numerous varieties of lentils, in pink, green and brown shades are available over the world. This low calorie, low fat and cholesterol free, diet has many benefits to human health. These include:

1.Helps in weight loss.
The high fiber and protein content of Lentils make it a perfect food for weight loss. Intake of a bowl full of lentils satisfies hunger and thus helps in weight loss. The high content of protein offers a feeling of satiety.

2.Supplies rich quantity of iron.
Lentils are an excellent source of iron. It should be accompanies by foods rich in vitamin C so that iron content of lentils is absorbed effectively by the body.

3.Rich source of folic acid.
A single serving of lentils contains approximately 90% of the total recommended daily dosage of folic acid. Lentils contain the maximum amount of folic acid any other unfortified food can provide and should be consumed in good amounts especially by vegetarians and women.

4.Beneficial for the health of the heart.
Lentils contain high amounts of folate and magnesium that are beneficial for the heart. The magnesium content of lentils helps to improve the flow of blood within the body. This improved blood flow helps in optimum distribution of nutrients and oxygen all through the body.

5.Reduces cholesterol.
The high-soluble-fiber content of lentils helps in reducing the levels of cholesterol in the blood.

6.Helps in treating problems like constipation.
The fiber content of lentils makes it a suitable food for people suffering from stomach disorders like constipation. They promote bowel movement and thus better removal of waste from the body.

7.Reduces the risk of diabetes.
Lentils contain high quantities of carbohydrates and are low on the glycemic index. These two properties together make it suitable for reducing the chances of type 2 diabetes.

Although lentils are rich in amino acids, they lack two essential amino acids, namely lysine and isoleucine. So consume a lot of lentils along with other grains that balance these two amino acids for best results.

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