Benefits Of IMAX

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Benefits of IMAX

IMAX is the acronym for Image Maximum, the ultimate motion picture experience for movie-goers. It has clearer resolution and greater size compared to standard theater systems. With eight stories of high clarity, and digital surround, IMAX creates the best immersive theatre experience. It is the ultimate experience, making you feel as if you are literary in the movie.

1. Improved image resolution

IMAX dramatically improves image resolution since its uses larger perforations than standard theatre systems. This results in high definition clarity, even when you use huge screens. Combined with Dolby-Digital surround, IMAX provides an extraordinary experience that is only found in theaters.

2. Dolby-Digital surround system

IMAX comes well-equipped with Dolby-Surround system, providing the ultimate movie-going experience. It runs on Digital Theatre Audio Control, a system which employs IMA’s copyright software. The sound is distributed to amplifiers directly, which contains six channels.

3. Projection system

It has a distinctive projection system which is designed to accommodate up to 24 frames and 65mm film stock. With IMAX, you never have to worry about powerful lights in regards to correct film projection.

4. Provides large viewing area

With IMAX technology, you get to enjoy the best movie-going experience in a standard theater screen, irrespective of where you are seated. Moreover, you feel as if you are in the movie. In fact, IMAX technology provides advanced visual and sound effects, compared to standard theatres.

5. Improved feeling of motion

The screen not only provide a feeling of complete immersion (you feel as if you are in the movie), but also offers an improved field of motion. This creates an incredible movie experience.

Producing an IMAX film is expensive as compared to standard movies. This is the reason why IMAX technology is not a popular entertainment medium. Moreover, IMAX uses a larger film size, which requires high maintenance.

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