Benefits Of Azelaic Acid

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Benefits of Azelaic Acid

Azelaic acid is one of the mild acids commonly used in various beauty products in the cosmetic industry due to its beneficial reaction with a person’s skin. It naturally occurs in grains such as wheat. Even though it is a mild acid, azelaic acid is very effective and it provides many health benefits as clarified below.

1. Treats acne

An important azelaic acid benefit is that it used in the treatment of mild or moderate acne. This acid works through inhibiting the development of bacteria responsible for causing acne. In addition, it also helps to reduce acne through keeping the pores of the skin clear. It takes about one month to notice positive results and the skin clears up gradually. To get the maximum benefits of this particular acid, make certain that you wash your face prior to applying it. This enables the active component of azelaic acid to better enter the skin.

2. Cures rosacea

Azelaic acid not only treats acne, but it is also an effective cure for another skin disorder known as rosacea. There are tests that show how people have successfully used azelaic acid for treating their rosacea. Most people who made use of this acid for treating rosacea saw the skin disorder go into retardation and therefore reduced cases of flare ups. Patients who use this particular rosacea treatment method are going to have less, pustules, papules and pimples. To treat this skin disorder specifically you require using the cream, lotion or gel form.

3. Antibacterial properties

Azelaic acid has antibacterial properties and it slows down and kills bacteria responsible for cause various skin complications. It also reduces inflammation and kills free radicals. Since it is capable of reducing pigmentation, it gets rid of any facial scars.

Side effects of azelaic acid use include scaling, redness and mild dermatitis in people with overly sensitive skins.

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