Benefits Of Hyperbaric Chamber

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Benefits of Hyperbaric Chamber

A hyperbaric chamber, also called a decompression chamber, is a container specifically designed for treating various medical issues. The common treatment offered in a hyperbaric chamber is HBOT or Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. Hyperbaric chambers were initially created to treat divers who had air embolism after deep sea diving. Other benefits of hyperbaric chamber are listed below.

1. Treats several conditions
Hyperbaric chambers aid in treating several ailments very efficiently even though a common use is to cure air embolism. Any disorder caused by oxygen deficiency or poor circulation can be remedied inside the hyperbaric chamber through making use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Diseases like stroke, chronic fatigue and cerebral palsy may be remedied through this therapy. A common component of these ailments is the fact that they need oxygen for proper healing but cannot receive sufficient quantities of it due to circulation problems. Hyperbaric chambers are able to offer the required oxygen amounts, thereby encouraging damaged cells to properly heal.

2. Increases stem cells
HBOT helps the stem cells in the body to regenerate the damaged tissue and encourages quick health. Stem cells are vital for repairing injured organs and tissues. Responding to injury, the stem cells normally move to the specific injured areas and differentiate to specialized cells, which are vital for healing. This mobilization or movement of the helpful stem cells may be triggered through using a hyperbaric chamber. HBOT considerably increases the stem cells circulating in the body.

3. Enhances blood flow
Using a hyperbaric chamber enhances blood flow in various methods. It increases diameter of blood vessels and thus boosts the amount of blood flowing per every heartbeat. Furthermore, it stimulates blood flow through encouraging growth of blood vessels in areas with blocked or reduced blood circulation.

While HBOT treatments in hyperbaric chambers are painless, side effects like sinuses and barotraumas may be experienced.

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