Benefits of Good Ergonomics

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Benefits of Good Ergonomics

Ergonomics refers to the process of making things more efficient. Ergonomics is no longer just a process, it is a science. According to this science, improving the efficiency of a task or a device reduces the duration required to complete the same. In order to understand the significance of this science, we first need to understand its benefits. Let’s look at some of the major benefits of good ergonomics.

Saves time:

One of the greatest benefits of ergonomics is the savings in the time required to accomplish a task. How does implementation of good ergonomics lead to savings in time? To understand this, we need to apply ergonomics in three areas related to a task:

Trimming down the task

Sometimes even simple tasks become complicated, unmanageable, and completely messed up. The reason could be as simple as the lack of good ergonomics. So how do we apply good ergonomics to such a situation? The answer lies in first creating a task analysis and determining the sub-tasks that constitute the task. Then, we need to ergonomize the task by deleting repeated sub-tasks, re-ordering the sub-tasks to reduce effort, combining sub-tasks that can be merged, ensuring that each sub-task adds value towards accomplishing the ultimate task, ensuring the effort involved in each sub-task is justified.

Uncomplicating the task

This has more to do with simplifying the efforts required to accomplish a task, rather than reducing the number of sub-tasks involved. This saves a lot of time, especially when more than one person is involved in accomplishing the task.

Employing good ergonomic tools

Good ergonomic tools are those that help to trim down a task and simplify it. Further, a good ergonomic tool would also enhance an individual’s mechanisms by acting as an extension of their body. These tools reduce the effort and time required to accomplish a task.

Reduces loss in time and production:

Human beings are not intended to sit, or stand, in one place and work. Doing so results in multiple disorders, including Repetitive Motion Illness (RMI) and Cumulative Trauma Disorders (CTD). Both the aforementioned problems and many other work place disorders are easily preventable and can be diminished. Implementation of good ergonomics can decide how comfortable, easy and productive a work place can be for employees. Better work environment translates to lesser effort and more efficient work, which in turn leads to reduction in time lost and increase in production.

Increases employee morale:

Improving the work environment through good ergonomics and making the processes efficient and effective, boosts employee morale. Where bad ergonomics leads to RMI and CTD, employees would end up absenting from work, which in turn increases the workload of other employees and reduces their morale. Therefore, good ergonomics is not only a production booster, but also morale booster.

Reduces operational costs:

Preventing and reducing RMI and CTD among the work force is one of the smartest, but also the most ignored aspect of reducing operational cost. When good ergonomics is not implemented it results in loss of employee time, reduced production, lower employee morale, and increased compensation claims from workers all of which translate to increased operational costs. Therefore good ergonomics is the best solution to reduce work place disorders and all that follow this.

Reduces employee turnover:

Increase in work place disorders and injuries not only increases operational costs, but also the incidence of workers leaving the organization. Replacing a single employee costs thousands of dollars in terms of money spent on seeking, appointing, and training employees. In this circumstance, replacing several employees on a frequent basis is not only cumbersome but also very expensive. Implementing good ergonomics keeps employees healthier, happier, more efficient and productive, and reduces employee turnover.

Thus, ergonomics promises a healthier and happier environment for employees and a more productive and profitable business for employers. Whether in business or personal activities ergonomics saves time, effort, and cost and ensures a healthier and happier life.

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