Benefits Of Fiber Optics

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Benefits of Fiber Optics

Fiber optics are thin, long strands of pure glass which are about the diameter of the human hair. Usually, they are arranged to form bundles which are known as optical cables which are used in transmitting light signals over very long distances. Once the optical cables are bundled together, they are protected by an outer covering known as a jacket. The following are benefits of fiber options in our societies as at now:-

1. High bandwidth
When compared to other types of data transmission media, optical fiber has relatively high bandwidth. Further, than most media they permit longer transmission distances with higher signal rates. As a result, this technology has allowed worldwide communication on video, voice and data to be available for most people. With new technology in the lines of fiber optics in the future will provide most if not all homes a chance to have video conferencing available.

2. Safe from electromagnetic interference
Because fiber optics only transmit light and not electrons, they neither radiate electromagnetics nor are they susceptible to electromagnetic fields which may be surrounding them. This fact is very important because they are able to carry signals as required through noisy surroundings regardless. Also, fiber optics usually eliminates any cross talk between various communication lines and finally, this prevents any tapping on the fiber cable.

3. Voltage insulation and isolation
Fiber optics is able to insulate in high voltage areas while isolating two different voltage capabilities. It can be able to eliminate errors brought about by ground loop potential variances. It is also ideal for transmission of data especially in areas which are subject to repeated electrical storms while presenting no hazard to anyone.

As will almost all good investments with a good product, fiber optics are very expensive to install because of the fragility of the materials involved.

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