Benefits Of Enterprise Architecture

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Benefits of Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise architecture aims at creating a model to explain how a business can achieve and meet its present and future goals. The purported benefits of using enterprise architecture are numerous. They range from better decision making and elimination of redundant process to enhanced adaptability to shifting market conditions. Get more advantages of enterprise architecture further below.

1. Enhances adaptability

Enterprise architecture offers the capability of adapting to the ever-changing market conditions. Through pointing out the unstable markets, enterprise architecture helps businesses to come up with a plan for dealing with the fluctuations. For instance, when Microsoft adapted to the changing computer market in 1990, it was able to make huge profits.

2. Reduces worker turnover

The enterprise architecture can reduce a very expensive business element, worker turnover. The process of training new employees costs a business money, productivity and time. Moreover, a new worker may be unable to work at 100% for several weeks. However, enterprise architecture looks at the present work performance and then indorses improvements. This increases both retention rates and employee productivity as well.

3. Better decisions

Having the enterprise architecture in place allows leaders and managers to understand long-term objectives of the organization . It therefore directs that all decisions conform to these objectives. Furthermore, it breaks down the decisions into much smaller levels such that works understand the consequences of all decisions made. This allows the separation of crucial decisions from minor ones.

4. Removes inefficient processes

The other vital advantage offered by enterprise architecture is that it identifies business processes that are wasteful with regards to money and time. Inefficient processes are expensive as they force some processes to be done several times. Eliminating such processes will enhance business profits extensively.

Enterprise architecture has limited shortcomings provided it is properly implemented. It enhances an organization through promoting better use of existing assets.

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