Benefits Of Emu Oil for Skin

Benefits of Emu Oil for Skin

The Aborigines of Australia discovered the benefits of emu oil a long time ago and used it for multiple purposes such as hair care, skin care and health care. Nowadays, emu oil has been acknowledged as an essential part of taking care of the skin. Actually, this oil is regarded as the earliest from of sunscreen ever used. The use of emu oil for skin care offers several benefits to the users.

1. Treats dry skin
There are several causes of dry skin such as lack of sufficient humidity, use of harsh soaps as well as the saltwater, sunlight and chlorine exposed to the skin during summer periods. The skin also produces reduced amounts of oil with age, which contributes to dry skin. Whichever the cause of dry skin, emu oil provides relief as it comprises of a rich content of emollients. When you apply it onto dry skin, it seals the natural oils present in the skin, keeping it from drying.

2. Better absorption
The other essential advantage of emu oil for skin is that it fosters quick transportation of products through the skin. This makes sure that ingredients reach the required skin regions for increased effectiveness. Research shows the transportation of various nutrients directly to the blood is far greater with the assistance of emu oil as compared to using other oils. That is why most cosmetic and medication products that require topical application have emu oil as a major ingredient.

3. Skin moisturizer
Using emu oil for its moisturizing effect is a good option for individuals who are allergic to artificial perfumes and chemicals. Most moisturizers that are made using emu oil normally comprise of natural components and are scented using other essential oils. You will delight in the knowledge that you are using a non-toxic and natural moisturizer.
The heavy metal content of emu oil adversely affects its storage time and it therefore spoils much quicker than other essential oils.

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