Benefits Of Kabuli Chana

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Benefits of Kabuli Chana

Kabuli chana, also known as Garbanzo beans belong to the legume family or pulses. Studies show that they are an excellent source of Manganese, Tryptophan, Fiber, Folate, and Molybdenum and provide essential nutrients like Phosphorus, Iron, Copper and Protein. They are well–known for their buttery texture and nutlike taste. They are used to make delicacies like Curried Chole, falafels and hummus.

1. Healthy digestion
Due to their high fiber content, regular intake of Kabuli chana may help with stomach disorders, including acid reflux, constipation, irregular bowel movements, stomach upset and gastric ulcers. However, it is advisable to moderate your intake to avoid potential health complications.

2. Cell health
Kabuli chana is a great source of essential minerals such as Fiber, Tryptophan, Manganese, as well as proteins and iron. These minerals play an active role in maintaining cell health as they serve as antioxidant defenses, neutralizing free radicals responsible for cell damage and increased risk to disease.

3. Boosts cardiovascular health
Regular consumption of Kabuli chana can help lower ‘’bad” cholesterol levels in the body, thus prevent your risk to heart disease. They contain high amount of magnesium and Folate. Diets rich on folate lower homocysteine levels and strengthen the heart muscles. Studies have shown that Kabuli chana may help to lower your risk to stroke and heart attack.

4. Reduces hot flashes in women
Kabuli chana contain high amount of phytochemicals known as saponins, which have antioxidant effects. Researchers suggest that antioxidants found in Garbanzo beans may lower the chance of breast cancer, prevent the development of arthritis and reduces hot flashes during menstruation.

5. Good protein source
Chick peas form a great nutritional plan for vegetarians as they are an excellent source of protein. A daily serving can provide sufficient amount of proteins with low calories.
Just like any other type of food, it is always advisable to moderate your consumption to avert potential health complications.

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